The stranger,
Santa and the Grog.

an exciting year with plenty of challenges comes to an end. Only the doomsday could spoil it. We'd like to thank everyone who contributed to this year in any form.

We wish everyone - and you in particular - fantastic holidays and a wonderful start of 2013 that will hopefully exceed all of your expectations.

Santa is almost done with his tour. Unfortunately he drank too much grog with many families and is now lazy and drunk. That's why in spite of jumping into the chimney he's trying to deliver the presents by his stellar throwing technique.

But after a few thousand grogs it's not that easy. Help him to deliver the last 5 presents of the day. He still has enough presents left so don't mind wasting a few that don't hit.

The longer a present is in the air the more points will be awarded to you. But for every present thrown there is a small penalty.
Because we wanted so.

Merry Christmas.


Canvas is awesome. Your browser is not.

It's christmas and we made a christmas card, because it's fun. In doing so we try out new things.

This year it's required, that you have a modern browser, who knows what a canvas is. It seems like yours does not.

Below we provide you links to the recent versions of the most popular browsers. If you're on a mobile device, we can't help you.